Beauty Book & Show

Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty exhibition is accompanied by a 300-page book published by Phaidon and coauthored by Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister. Through these works, the importance of beauty in man-made art, architecture & design are illustrated. Stefan and Jessica look at the science behind how/why beauty elicits an emotional response in humans, and how much of what humans find beautiful is universal. The exhibition was inaugurated at the MAK in Vienna in 2019 and has been on tour in Europe since then.

︎︎︎ Role: Producer
When I joined S&W in 2018, the project was in the execution phase. For the publication, I focused on getting the final images and copyright approvals from artists, designers and record labels, to name a few of the creatives that were featured in the project and supported S&W’s thesis on Beauty. I worked closely with Phaidon’s Editor to complete the final version of the works cited in the First Edition.

Additionally, for the exhibition I handled fashion designer outreach and the interface for the selfie booth installation where museum visitors could digitally try different beautiful garments.

︎︎︎ Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh
︎︎︎ Year: 2019

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