Appy Fizz: #ArtofFizz Digital Campaign

Appy Fizz is a sparkling apple juice made by Parlé Agro, the largest food and beverage company in India. Parle came to &Walsh with the objective of increasing the association of Appy Fizz with food and beverages. To accomplish the client’s needs, we developed a digital campaign titled #ArtofFizz based on a contest where 4 grand winners received a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and 25 additional winners received Appy Fizz cocktail kits.

︎︎︎ Role: Producer
For this project I worked closely with the Head of Strategy to develop a campaign concept associated with food & drinks that differentiated from the typical burger and soda ads. We were looking for Appy Fizz pairings that were bolder and that would encourage user generated submissions and therefore, increase Appy Fizz’ brand presence and community in Instagram. Once the concept was outlined, I produced a photoshoot that helped us set a visual guide for artists through out India with whom we partnered to inspire submissions.

In addition to the strategy and the creative work, I managed the talent’s contracts, content and posting schedules to maintain high engagement and interest in the contest through out a month. Both the contest & campaign were immensely successful, nearly doubling Appy Fizz’s followers on Instagram and resulting in 16K+ contests entries.

︎︎︎ Client: Parle Agro
︎︎︎ Agency: &Walsh
︎︎︎ Year: 2019

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